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Based out of California, Carl Miller is a Filmmaker who serves as a

Cinematographer/DP, 2nd Unit DP, VFX DP, Director, Creative, or Editor. 


Believing that motion pictures harbor magnificent influence for positive change, Carl Miller obtained a BS in film production from SDSU. 

He returned to the San Francisco Bay Area with a degree in hand to work for Industrial Light & Magic.  There, he “cut his teeth” in the industry for 20 years on more than  30 major motion pictures and quickly grew into a position as a  Visual Effects Director of Photography. 

Concurrently, he independently created a 90-minute video about SCUBA diving in Monterey. 

Carl was the Creative & Director for the half-million dollar DLP Cinema trailer, “Birth of an Image,” which played in theaters worldwide. 

Carl began his independent dramatic filmmaking career with the motion picture RETALIATION,  which featured at prestigious film festivals.

Carl was also the Cinematographer who reshot George Lucas’ film RED TAILS, and captured Kat Alioshin's film ANIMATION OUTLAWS

Now local to Los Angeles, Carl continues to innovate the potentials of streamers, films, and commercials.

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